About us

Rogers Martial Arts is a family-owned business in Van Alstyne, Texas. Classes are offered starting with Little Kickers (ages 4-5), all the way up to adult. 

Brant Rogers trained in Fort Worth in the 1980s under Grand Master Richard Morris, beginning at 12 years old. Mr. Rogers Earned his black belt in the American Karate system founded by J. Pat Burleson, the first U.S. karate champion. After teaching in Fort Worth for many years, Mr. Rogers moved to Plano, and in 2001, he started teaching at the Texas Karate Institute. 

In 2019, Brant, his wife, Julie, their two sons and daughter, moved to Van Alstyne, Texas. He began teaching classes to our small, North Texas community in 2020. 

In addition to karate, Mr. Rogers also teaches a self-defense and cardio kickboxing class for teens and adults.

Mr. Rogers is a certified W.A.K.O kickboxing judge. 

"Mr. Rogers' relatable personality and passion for teaching are evident in each interaction he has with his students. He challenges everyone to do their best and see their full potential. He is a knowledgeable leader who has no issues commanding a large class, but  he is also gentle enough to engage with the youngest members of the Little Kickers class. He has been a great influence on my son, who is very proud he just achieved his gold belt." -Alissa, Mom to beginner student